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Exploration Services

Timadix Geomin Consult Nig Ltd. is highly experienced in conducting mineral exploration from grassroot exploration to the branch holes. Our team has worked on successful exploration projects in areas like: Nigeria, Cameroon , Central African republic and Tanzania. We are equipped to provide pre-integrated solutions including geological mapping, drilling, logging, sampling, Mineral Quality Control, data collection and data management. Modern exploration techniques used by us drive through systematic and logical ways to make informed decisions at various milestones and minimize the risk on investment.

Some of these services include :
  • Identifying any occurrence that has been developed by underground or by above ground techniques, or by subsurface drilling to determine the extent of mineralization.
  • Collecting systematic data of various earth materials from subsurface or earth's surface for site characterization, monitoring various electric magnetic fields, and exploring potential mining, oil & gas minerals.
  • Carry out whole rock analysis and petrography to understand geology before spending on costly exploration tools.
  • Raster to vector conversion of data and integration of digital and spatial data into a geological database.
  • Providing a team of geologist, geotechnologist and metallurgist to collect data required for geo metallurgy, geology and geo technical three dimensional lock model.
  • Carrying out desktop research on geology and past work done.
  • Daily supervision and execution of exploration program.
  • Development and implementation of standard operating procedures for logging and sampling
  • Optimizing drill holes to reduce cost, Carrying out drilling in phases and utilizing geostatistical tools to optimize drill spacing.
  • Carrying out due diligence on tenements, licensing and exploration reports for government compliance.

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